Tuesday (Timeless Series #2) - E. L. Todd

Tuesday (Timeless Series #2)

By E. L. Todd

  • Release Date: 2016-05-03
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 178 Ratings


Getting over Hawke is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

I couldn’t breathe, sleep, or eat. Every day was more agonizing than the one that followed. But somehow, after two years of suffering, I finally got back on my feet. 

And I moved on.

Now I’m living in the city and running my own bakery. Life is good again. I’m surrounded by good friends that I love, and every day is even better than the last. 

Until everything changes.

Now I have to face him after two years of silence. I have to look him in the eye and act like he has no effect on me. I have to hold my head high and pretend he didn’t shatter me into a million pieces. 

I have to act like he doesn’t mean a damn thing to me.

Can I fool him? Can I fool myself?


  • Frankie & Hawke

    By karina Arreola
    Omg I’m hooked on this series! As I read their story I can’t seem to put it down! These two have been through so much I’m happy they are together but what will happen next why did Hawkes mom call him!?
  • Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday

    By Shelle Belle KY
    This series is awesome, it is about a brother and sister who experienced loss by sickness and suicide. Addtionally, it has parental abuse and the long lasting depression and affects it has on young people becoming adults. I love the story that is why i give it a five star review. It's well written. However, the title to these books have nothing absolutely nothing to do with the story line which I found to be awkward.
  • Amazing!

    By Luisa28
    Thanks for making my days better with this sequel, I feel Hawke and Francesca are part of my daily life. Great read and it's so hard to stop. Keep it up! 😉
  • HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended!!

    By aschae
    Oh does this series have me hooked!? Sucked in from page one of Monday, Tuesday just ripped my heart open again... These two have a connection that is beyond words. Frankie and Hawke truly started as friends, onto soulmates and now, we can only hope... With so much in his past keeping him from trusting himself, Hawke walked away leaving Frankie drowning in loss. Never the same since, she has and never will find another man who truly connects with her the way Hawke does and no one else will ever be enough to fill the void that he left in her. After tying to move on, suddenly he's back.... More heartache to watch, more tears shed as I read along.. this book/series is absolutely amazing! Literally read Tuesday in one day (while at work!?) as I just did not want to put it down!? HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended read about true soulmates, love, loss and second chances.
  • Loved this series!!!!

    By Acctwithmohr
    LOVED this series!!!! Could not put them down.....just finished "Saturday" and can't wait for "Sunday" to come out!!! Hawke and Francesca are amazing characters and their story is so wonderful, with sad moments, happy times, and everything in between. Love the rest of the series also with her brother and best friend going thru their ups and downs. But I'm sitting on the edge of my seat because I just finished with Rose and Kyle's story and it was a cliff hanger and I need more!!! When is the next one coming out??????
  • Tusday

    By Alpha Group
    Another great book from E.L.Todd....this series is steamy and keeps you wanting to read and not put the book down! Look forward to her next book in the series!!
  • Love

    By Vanessa Cisneros
    Love it it 2 years later Frankie has her own bakery and she is very successful she hasn't seen Hawke her brother and her best friend Marie are getting married so she knows she got to see Hawke she hasnt been in a relationship and acts now but when she sees them the sparks fly. I love that Hawke wants to be that guy for her and loves her still so much so does Franke but she is scared. Read this book it is very good also you get to Axel and Marie relationship!