Having You Is Never Enough (Forever and Ever #4) - E. L. Todd

Having You Is Never Enough (Forever and Ever #4)

By E. L. Todd

  • Release Date: 2015-01-02
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 149 Ratings


While Cayson is battling his decision about medical school, he notices Slade’s peculiar behavior. Slade never seems to be where he says he is, and it’s clear he’s hiding something from everyone. Cayson is certain he has a girlfriend, and the more Slade denies it, the more hurt Cayson feels. Why won’t Slade tell him the truth? He decides to investigate the matter further, and he discovers something he never thought was possible…especially from Slade.

Trinity keeps her relationship with Slade a secret, but when Skye sets her up on a date with a friend, she can’t reject the offer. Slade is insane with jealousy and outright refuses to let the date happen. But Trinity knows she has to keep pretenses. While she’s on her date, Slade shows up. And his appearance will change their relationship forever.

Roland can’t deny the guilt he feels toward Jasmine. While he feels terrible for betraying his childhood friend, he feels worse for the way he treated Jasmine. Determined to make it right, he hunts her down until she agrees to go on a date with him—at real one.

Book Four of the Forever and Ever Series.


  • You are all I’ll ever need

    By Kal3053
    Decent read, BUT tons of spelling errors! Terrible proofreading!
  • Edit, People!

    By Traceyjop11
    I loved the first three, but this fourth book...fix the errors! Some are so bad, I had to read and retread sentences to understand the meaning.
  • Grammar

    By Flappy bird city
    This book was good, but there where several grammar errors with words in the wrong place and misspelled.
  • Having you is never enough

    By lbpumpkin
    Story good but have someone proofread before publishing. There were glaring mistakes in grammar, punctuation, tense, and word usage on every page; he gave a rose bouquet, not a boutique. The books before this one in the series had a few mistakes, but this book was ridiculous.
  • Grammatical errors

    By ggayoso
    I've barely started the book and I'm finding the grammatical errors distracting.
  • Spelling/Grammar Check?

    By Kausinkonfusion
    I really enjoy this series, actually I enjoy all the books I have read by E.L. Todd thus far. However, it seems the more into a series I get, the worse the spelling and grammar become. Do you not have an editor? Even just a few friends who can read through and provide honest feed back? I am worried that if I purchase the next book I will need a decoder ring to get through it. At a minimum of $4.99 a book we shouldn’t have to try and decipher what’s been written. Please, for the love of the books, writing, and readers get an editor!
  • Horrible Proofreading Distracts from Story

    By MitchsGirl
    While the story was decent, the proofreading was non-existent. There were sentences where I needed to go back and fill in a missing word or remove an added one for the sentence to make sense. There are several instances where a line is attributed to the wrong character or "he said"/"she said" is the wrong gender. I was so frustrated after the same problems existed with the next purchase, I've decided to take a break from this author and series.
  • Having you is never enough.

    By Lisa Meccay
    I downloaded the 3 book series and enjoyed the story and all the characters enough to actually purchase the 4th book. To my dismay, although the stories continued the book was riddled with spelling and grammar errors throughout the book. It took away from the story somewhat. How does that happen?? Is there no proofreading before the books are released? Makes me leery to purchase the next book in the series.
  • The book itself is good from what I read so far.....but

    By Smokey6509
    The grammar and spelling errors are ridiculous so I refuse to pay $4.99 to finish it. I've read several of her books and all of them have pretty big errors, but this is by far the worst. Every single page has something wrong with it. I won't be finishing the series unless they go on a major sale, or the errors are all corrected.
  • Very spicy

    By Tinamb225
    This was the pairing I was waiting for! Slade and Trinity's story was perfect for who they were. Now if you could only find someone who knows how to proof read that would be great. Would have given 5 stars but it took a bit of rereading to get some of the sentences correct. A lot of spelling errors, incorrect uses of grammar, misplaced wording and even doubles of words. Hope the rest aren't like that if so I won't be reading any after book 5.